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Judge Peter Calderone's 2012 Workers' Compensation Memoranda
Written on Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Recently, the Honorable Judge Peter Calderone, Director and Chief Judge of the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development posted two memoranda that could impact workers' compensation matters. The first memorandum of June 5, 2012 stipulates that workers' compensation judges will no longer make referrals to the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVRS). The Chief Judge notes that the current referral process has not been effective in expediting claim resolution.

The second memorandum of June 7, 2012 provides a response to questions from the New Jersey Advisory Council on Safety and Health regarding Medicare and the Center for Medical Services (CMS) conditional payment issues. You can download complete PDF copies of the first June 5, 2012 DVRS memorandum by clicking here and the second June 7, 2012 CMS memorandum by clicking here.